We’ve all heard about the Monroe Institute and Out of Body Experiences…. Well this little report is fascinating look from a scientific perspective – or at least as scientific as you can probably get from 1983. How does the gateway program work? Out of Body Experiences and Astral Travel. Imagine how far the black project research has come since then. Full Narration. This is a fascinating Paper written in 1983 by the US Army Operational Group investigating the mechanics and practicality of The Monroe Institutes Gateway Program. Basically brain Hemi-Sync training programs to induce OBE’s (Out of Body) experiences, psychic spying out of time and space, healing, spiritual and personal growth, and much more. Paragraph headings: Intro letter Hypnosis Transcendental Meditation Biofeedback Gateway and Hemi-Sync Lamp vs. Laser Frequency Following Response Role of Resonance Brain Stimulation Energy Entrainment Consciousness and Energy Holograms The Part Encodes the Whole The Consciousness Matrix Brain in Phase Evaluation Self Cognition Time-Space Dimension Intervening Dimensions Subatomic Particles Dimensions In-between Special Status, Out-of-Body Experience Absolute in Perspective From Big Bang to Torus Our Place in Time Quality of Consciousness Consciousness in Perspective Gateway Method Hemi-Sync Introduced Advanced Techniques Problem Solving Patterning Color Breathing Energy Bar Tool Remote Viewing Living Body Map Focus 15: Travel into the Past Focus 21: The Future The Out-of-Body Movement Role of REM Sleep Information Collection Potential Belief System Considerations Left Brain Limitations Self Knowledge Motivational Aspect Conclusion