Ever since the Greeks coined the language we commonly use for scientific description, mythology and science have developed separately. But what came before the Greeks? What if we could prove that all myths have one common origin in a celestial cosmology? What if the gods, the places they lived, and what they did are but ciphers for celestial activity, a language for the perpetuation of complex astronomical data?

Drawing on scientific data, historical, and literary sources, the authors argue that our myths are the remains of a preliterate astronomy, an exacting science whose power and accuracy were suppressed and then forgotten by an emergent Greco-Roman worldview. This fascinating book throws into doubt the self-congratulatory assumptions of Western science about the unfolding development and transmission of knowledge. This is a truly seminal and original thesis, a book that should be heard by anyone interested in science, myth, and the interactions between the two.

00:00 Preface
17:59 – Introduction
44:17 – I. The Chronicler’s Tale
1:21:46 – II. The Figure in Finland
1:39:47 – III. The Iranian Parallel
1:53:36 – IV. History, Myth and Reality
2:25:45 – Intermezzo: A Guide for the Perplexed
3:15:24 – V. The Unfolding in India
3:38:49 – VI. Amlodhi’s Quern
4:01:05 – VII. The Many-Colored Cover
4:31:01 – VIII. Shamans and Smiths
5:25:09 – IX. Amlodhi the Titan and His Spinning Top
5:53:25 – X. The Twilight of the Gods
6:28:13 – XI. Samson Under Many Skies
7:04:03 – XII. Socrates’ Last Tale
7:39:48 – XIII. Of Time and the Rivers
8:07:40 – XIV. The Whirlpool
8:26:54 – XV. The Waters from the Deep
8:54:04 – XVI. The Stone and the Tree
9:08:46 – XVII. The Frame of the Cosmos
9:29:53 – XVIII. The Galaxy
9:45:35 – XIX. The Fall of Phaethon
10:13:46 – XX. The Depths of the Sea
10:38:27 – XXI. The Great Pan Is Dead
11:05:34 – XXII. The Adventure and the Quest
12:09:36 – XXIII. Gilgamesh and Prometheus
12:29:33 – Conclusion
12:41:51 – Appendices
16:28:37 – Epilogue: The Lost Treasure
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