Hints on Esoteric Theosophy #1. These letters are published with the permission of the writers, not because any of them are altogether free from errors and misconceptions, but because it is hoped that they may help to explain to all interested in the question the present position of Theosophy, and, by increasing the earnestness of all concerned in the movement, pave the way for more authoritative and less imperfect views on the whole question. No tree can grow without soil, and Theosophy can only flourish and develop its fair flowers and refreshing fruits where many pure hearts seeking the truth are gathered together.

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April 1882.                

No. 1 – Letters from, Mr. H.X,  Olcott, and Blavatsky to and from critics

No. 2 – Swedenborg and Theosophy

Appendix – The “Elixir of Life”