Publisher’s Summary

Fort was a pioneer in the study of paranormal and unexplained phenomena, and “New Lands” is considered one of his most significant works. In the book, Fort explores a wide range of topics, including strange weather patterns, mysterious disappearances, and unusual geological phenomena. Fort believed that many of these phenomena were linked and could be explained by the existence of an alternative history of the world, one that was characterized by periodic disruptions or invasions by extraterrestrial or extradimensional entities. He coined the term “teleportation” to describe the mysterious disappearance and reappearances of objects and people, which he believed was evidence of the existence of other dimensions or alternate realities. Fort’s writing style was characterized by his dry wit and skepticism, and he often challenged the prevailing scientific explanations for these phenomena. The book was controversial at the time of its publication and remains so today, with many of Fort’s claims and evidence being dismissed by mainstream science. Despite this, “New Lands” remains a significant work in the field of paranormal research, influencing many subsequent writers and researchers in the study of unexplained phenomena.
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