Of Occult Philosophy or of Magical Ceremonies: The Fourth Book – Henry Cornelius Agrippa. In our books of occult philosophy, we have not so compendiously, as copiously, declared the principles, grounds, and reasons of magick itself after what manner the experiments thereof are to be chosen, elected, and compounded to produce many wonderful effects; but because in those books, they are treated rather theoretically than practically and some are also not handled completely and fully and others very figuratively, and as it was an enigmatic and obscure riddle as being those which we have attained unto with great study, diligence, and very curious researching and exploration and are heretofore set forth in a more crude and unfashioned manner.

Therefore, in this audiobook, which we have composed and made as it were a complement and key of our other books of occult philosophy and of all magical operations, we will give unto thee the documents of holy and undefiled verity, and inexpugnable and irresistible magical discipline, and most pleasant and delectable experiments of the sacred deities so that by listening to our other books on occult philosophy, thou must earnestly covet the knowledge of these things—even so with listening to this audiobook, thou shalt truly triumph.

Wherefore let silence hide these things within the secret closets of the religious breast and conceal them with constant taciturnity.