Following the success of his 1937 landmark bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote Outwitting the Devil, an exposé on the methods the Devil uses to ensnare and control the minds of human beings. Exploring the innermost depths of the psychology of motivation to understand why so many individuals, including himself, cannot find the initiative and courage they need to consistently implement the philosophy of individual achievement, Hill went so far as to interview the Devil himself. The resulting confession from the Devil made this book so controversial as to remain unpublished for over 70 years. Now it is your turn to break the Devil’s code and free yourself from the hidden methods of control that lead to ruin.

In this reproduction of the complete text of Hill’s original manuscript is laid out the exact nature of the power by which the Devil disarms human beings with fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy so that they do not reach their full potential. This is the same power that paralyzed millions of individuals with fear and despondency during the Great Depression and continues to hold people back from their dreams. Complacency and mediocrity are not the root issue; they are symptoms of deeper ills that we are conditioned by society to accept. But you must open your mind to acquire knowledge and consider facts that might not harmonize with your personal beliefs in order to access a greater truth that will, as Hill said in his original preface, “bring harmony out of chaos in this age of frustration and fear.”

Chapter 1. My First Meeting with Andrew Carnegie – 00:00

Chapter 2.  A New World Is Revealed to Me – 34:48

Chapter 3. A Strange Interview with the Devil – 55:42

Chapter 4. Drifting with the Devil – 1:18:53

Chapter 5. The Confession Continues – 1:49:52

Chapter 6. Hypnotic Rhythm – 2:18:29

Chapter 7. Seeds of Fear – 2:42:15

Chapter 8. Definiteness of Purpose – 2:52:33

Chapter 9. Education and Religion – 3:05:20

Chapter 10. Self-Discipline – 3:34:07

Chapter 11. Learning From Adversity – 3:53:37

Chapter 12. Environment, Time, Harmony and Caution – 4:17:57

The Secret Chapter. My Invisible Counselors – 4:57:57

Rebuilding Character Through Auto-Suggestion – 5:09:30