Publisher’s Summary

Volume one of the two-volume encyclopedia of Secret Societies.

First written in 1875, this University Press edition duplicates the second edition of 1893, which was completely revised and rewritten.

A fascinating work, to which any serious researcher of Secret Societies must eventually turn, the modern-day student of history must remember the scholarly and archeological limitations of the day when it was written.

00:00 – Preface

9:42 – Introduction

55:09 – Book I – ANCIENT MYSTERIES: Magi, Mithraics, Brahmins and Gymnosophists, Egyptian Mysteries, Metamorphosis of the Legend of Isis, Chines and Japanese Mysteries, Mexican and Peruvian Mysteries, Druids, Scandinavian Mysteries.

3:02:35 – Book II – EMANATIONISTS: Cabala, The Gnostics

3:21:35 – Book III – RELIGION OF LOVE: Sons of the Widow, The Gay Science, The Consolation, Chivalry

3:56:44 – Book IV – ISHMAELITES: Lodge of Wisdom, Assassins, Druses.

4:22:37 – Book V – KNIGHTS TEMPLARS.

4:47:40 – Book VI – FREE JUDGES: Holy Vehm, Beati Paoli

5:08:06 – Book VII – ALCHYMISTS: Rosicrucians

5:38:12 – Book VIII – FREEMASONS: Legend op the Temple, Origin—Traditions, The Lodge, Genuine and Spurious Masonry, Ceremonies op Initiation, Holy Royal Arch, Grand elected Knight of Kadosh, Prince or Rose-Croix, Rites of Misraim and Memphis, Modern Knights Templars, Freemasonry in England and Scotland, Freemasonry in France, Chapter of Clermont and the Strict Observance, Relaxed Observance, Congress of Wilhelmsbad, Freemasonry and Napoleonism, Freemasonry, the Restoration of the Second Empire, Freemasonry in Italy, Cagliostro and Egyptian Masonry, Adoptive Masonry, Androgynous Masonry, Persecutions of Freemasonry, Schismatic Rites and Sects, Diffusion op the Order, Futility op Modern Freemasonry

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