Zinfaendel – The Mystic’s Path of Self-Knowledge. Dominic Vallee

Zinfaendel – The Mystic’s Path of Self-Knowledge

It is sometimes said that at the heart of all spiritual traditions, we find essentially the same values of love, virtue, and altruism. However, one notion consistently resurfaces even more prominently in the discourse of the greatest mystics throughout history: self-knowledge. Far beyond a mere psychological endeavour, the path of personal revelation remains enigmatic. Aside from our physical forms, our tragedies, ecstasies, and opinions, what else is there to know? Do we simultaneously inhabit multiple worlds, and if so, how do we inquire into our subtlest aspects? Does this bewildering quest inexorably lead us to redefine our own concept of reality? 

Facing the turbulence of our era, many of us are plagued by a growing sense of confusion. However, this feeling serves as an ideal starting point for the pursuit of self-knowledge, as it facilitates the emergence of the mystic’s inquisitive spirit. By exploring oneself through the filters of philosophy, meditation, art, psychology, and divination, the introspective adept exposes themselves to their profound nature. It is through this journey that Zinfaendel, along with Dominic Vallée, invites you to the exciting discovery your true bearings, roots, and identity.

Table of Contents:
Part 1 : Zinfaendel Revealed
I. Introduction
II. Behind the Door, a Mirror
The Mystic’s Radical Autonomy
III. Same, But Different
IV. Of Punks and Mystics
Part 2 : “Nosce te ipsum”
V. “Know Thyself”
VI. The Meaning of Self-Knowledge
VII. Why Would It Be Significant?
Navigating the Chaos of a Changing World
Unwavering in the face of the information tsunami
A crisis of deep and heartfelt meaning
VIII. Is Self-Knowledge Selfish?
IX. How Would One Proceed?
A few avenues of exploration
Introspection, Meditation, The Horse Drawn Carriage Analogy, Astrology, Psychology, Friendship (or the sangha), The Daemon, Sports and Martial Arts, Stories, Parables and Metaphors, Traditions and Religions, The Study of Dreams, The Divinatory Arts, Philosophy, Conclusion
X. Why Is It So Difficult?
1. Taming Chronos
2. The Eye of the Hurricane
3. No Instructions!
4. Between Believing and Knowing
5. The Accursed Act of “letting go”
In Conclusion: 42
XI. The Nature of Our Discoveries
Part 3 : A Few Words From the Earth
XII. Life Is Not a Dream
XIII. La Danza de la Realidad
Illusion, my ass!
“Oh…it hurts so good…”
In summary
XIV. Meditation: The Mind Alive
Tentacles of Meditation
Classifying the unclassifiable
Body Meditations, Emotional Meditations, Meditations of the Intellect, Imaginal Meditations, Meditations of Transcendence, A note about traditional systems
I meditate therefore I am
Meditatus, ergo sum
XV. Arts, Resonance and Metaphors
With a Capital A
A Screaming into a guitar
Dark Side of the Moon
Transmitters, awakeners
Tea with Alice, in Wonderland
XVI. Destiny, Divination and Manifestation
Magic and Law of Attraction: Energetic Piñata?
Astrology: Archetypal Weather Divination
Astrology 101
Here we go, yo. So what’s the scenario?
Heart and Brain: Psychological Divination
Star Wars, gods and dogs: the divination of archetypal currents
Assisted divination: Mirror, mirror, tell me….
Finding your metaphorical voice
Synchronicities and Dreamspace
Dominic and the Ghost of Saint Chronos
Tabula rasa: to hell with the angels!
A Language of the Unrevealed
Through the Vesica
XVII. The Way of the Voice
Verify You Are Human
Will, are you free?
“To play.”
Maples and Ferns
The sage who points at the Moon
A Ghost with a Thousand and One Masks
A Sacred State of Doubt
Vroom vroom!
Rose, Rose, Talk to Me Conclusion
My = Thy
Part 4 : Primitivo
XVIII. Life Is But a Dream

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