Myths of Pre-Columbian America by Donald MacKenzie

This audiobook contains expert discussions of such myths and mythological figures as the milk goddess and her pot symbol, the jewel-water and mugwort goddess, goddesses of love and food, Tlaloc and the dragon, love and mother deities, Quetzalcoatl, and many more. Also, this audiobook focuses on symbolism, burial customs, and other topics.

PREFACE – 00:00

I. The Glamour of Gold – 16:00

II. Growth of New World Civilization – 40:03

III. The Indian Elephant in American Art – 1:05:09

IV. Symbols with a History – 1:19:52

V. The Winged Disc and the World’s Ages – 2:13:12

VI. Semites, Celts, and Norsemen in America – 2:08:30

VII. American-Asiatic Relations – 2:55:01

VIII. Sea Routes of Ancient Pacific Mariners – 3:17:35

IX. Water Burials and the Ship of Death – 3:42:21

X. Cremation and other Burial Customs – 4:10:18

XI. The Milk Goddess and her Pot Symbol – 4:54:39

XII. The Jewel-water and Mugwort Goddess – 5:52:57

XIII. Goddesses of Love and Food – 6:31:01

XIV. Tlaloc and the Dragon – 7:04:21

XV. White Missionaries and White Gods – 7:43:36

XVI. Two Great Gods – 8:16:00

XVII. Motives for Migrations – 9:04:33

“When, further, it is found that so many myths, deities, beliefs, etc, common to the Old

World are found in the New, the contention seems sound that the onus of proof for their faith must be laid on those who favour the theory of independent origin.”
Author: Graham