Recovery Dharma


This is an audio recording narrated by Graham of the new Buddhist style recovery book called Recovery Dharma,



The Practice

  1. Buddha
    • The First Noble Truth: There is Suffering
    • The Second Noble Truth: The Cause of Suffering
    • The Third Noble Truth: The End of Suffering
    • The Fourth Noble Truth: The Path
      • The Eightfold Path
        1. Wise Understanding
        2. Wise Intention
        3. Wise Speech
        4. Wise Action
        5. Wise Livelihood
        6. Wise Effort
        7. Wise Mindfulness
        8. Wise Concentration
  2. Dharma
    • Isolation and Connection
    • Working with Others
    • Wise Friends and Mentors
    • Service and Generosity
  3. Sangha

Recovery is Possible

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