The Effect of Adrenochrome and Adrenolutin on the Behavior of Animals and the Psychology of Man by The University of Saskatchewan Psychiatric Services Branch

Psychiatric Services Branch, Department of Public Health, and Department of
Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
I. Introduction .
II. Biochemistry of Adrenochrome
III. Action of Adrenochrome on Cells
IV. Effect of Adrenochrome on Fish
V. Effect of Adrenochrome on Spiders
VI. Effect of Adrenochrome on Pigeons
VII. Effect of Adrenochrome on Mammals
A. Mice .
B. Rats .
C. Rabbits
D. Cats .
E. Dogs .
F. Monkeys
VIII. Effect of Adrenochrome on Electrograms
IX. Effect of Adrenochrome and Adrenolutin on Humans
A. Adrenolutin Double Blind Experiments
B. Prolonged Reactions to Adrenochrome and Adrenolutin
C. Effect of Adrenochrome on Humans as Reported by other Laboratories .
D. Adrenochrome Given Sublingually
E. Potentiation of the Action of Adrenochrome
F. Discussion
X. Mode of Action of Adrenochrome
XI. Conclusions

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