The Second Book of Occult Philosophy, or Magick, Henry Cornelius Agrippa

The Second Book of Occult Philosophy, or Magick, Henry Cornelius Agrippa. “The Doctrines of Mathematicks are so necessary to, and have such an affinity with Magick, that they that do profess it without them, are quite out of the way, and labour in vain, and shall in no wise obtain their desired effect. For whatsoever things are, and are done in these inferior naturall vertues, are all done, and governed by number, weight, measure, harmony, motion, and light. And all things which we see in these ours, have root, and foundation in them: yet nevertheless without naturall vertues, of Mathematicall Doctrines only works like to naturals can be produced, as Plato saith, a thing not partaking of truth or divinity, but certain Images kin to them, as bodies going, or speaking, which yet want the Animall faculty, such as were those which amongst the Ancients were called Dedalus his Images, and automata, of which Aristotle makes mention, viz. the three footed Images of Vulcan, and Dedalus, moving themselves, which Homer saith came out of their own accord to exercise, and which we read, moved themselves at the feast of Hiarba the Philosophicall Exerciser”.

00:00 – 01 Chapter i. Of the necessity of Mathematicall learning, and of the many wonderfull works which are done by Mathematicall Arts only

7:39 – 02 Chapter ii. Of Numbers, and of their power, and vertue

11:17 – 03 Chapter iii. How great vertues Numbers have, as well in Naturall things, as in Supernaturall

15:32 – 04 Chapter iv. Of unity, and the Scale thereof

20:12 – 05 Chapter v. Of the Number of Two, and the Scale thereof

25:26 – 06 Chapter vi. Of the Number of three, and the Scale thereof

32:11 – 07 Chapter vii. Of the Number of Four, and the Scale thereof

43:20 – 08 Chapter viii. Of the Number Five, and the Scale thereof.

48:08 – 09 Chapter ix. Of the Number six, and the Scale thereof

51:47 – 010 Chapter x. Of the Number Seaven, and the Scale thereof

1:16:56 – 011 Chapter xi. Of the number Eight, and the Scale thereof

1:20:38 – 012 Chapter xii. Of the Number Nine, and the Scale thereof

1:24:52 – 013 Chapter xiii. Of the Number Ten, and the Scale thereof

1:32:22 – 014 Chapter xiiii. Of the Number eleven, and the number twelve; with a double Scale of the Number twelve Cabalisticall, and Orphicall

1:39:37 – 015 Chapter xv. Of the Numbers which are above twelve, and of their powers and vertues

1:49:05 – 015 Chapter xv. Of the Numbers which are above twelve, and of their powers and vertues

1:54:33 – 016 Chapter xvi. Of the notes of numbers, placed in certain gesturings

1:56:34 – 017 Chapter xvii. Of the various notes of numbers observed amongst the Romans.

1:59:00 – 018 Chap. xviii. Of the notes or figures of the Græcians.

2:02:40 – 019 Chap. xix. Of the notes of the Hebrews, and Caldeans [Chaldaeans], and certain other notes of Magicians.

2:07:02 – 020 Chap. xx. What numbers are attributed to letters; and of divining by the same.

2:10:55 – 021 Chap. xxi. What numbers are consecrated to the Gods, and which are ascribed, and to what Elements

2:22:57 – 022 Chap. xxii. Of the tables of the Planets, their vertues, forms, and what Divine names, Intelligencies, and Spirits are set over them

2:28:50 – 023 Chap. xxiii. Of Geometrical Figures and Bodies, by what vertue they

are powerful in Magick, and which are agreeable to each Element, and the Heaven.

2:33:34 – 024 Chap. xxiv. Of Musicall Harmony, of the force and power thereof

2:38:06 – 025 Chap. xxv. Of Sound, and Harmony, and whence their wonderfulness in operation

2:47:02 – 026 Chap. xxvi. Concerning the agreement of them with the Celestial

bodies, and what harmony and sound is correspondent of every Star

3:04:45 – 027 Chap. xxvii. Of the proportion, measure, and Harmony of mans body

3:08:25 – 028 Chap. xxviii. Of the Composition and Harmony of the humane soul

3:11:09 – 029 Chap. xxix. Of the Observation of Celestials, necessary in every Magical Work

3:13:08 – 030 Chap. xxx. When Planets are of most powerful influence

3:17:54 – 031 Chap. xxxi. Of the Observation of the fixt Stars, and of their Natures.

3:24:42 – 032 Chap. xxxii. Of the Sun, and Moon, and their Magicall considerations.

3:34:45 – 033 Chap. xxxiii. Of the twenty eight Mansions of the Moon, and their vertues.

3:37:38 – 034 Chap. xxxiv. Of the true motion of the heavenly bodies to be observed in the eight sphere, and of the ground of Planetary hours

3:40:01 – 035 Chap. xxxv. How some artificiall things as Images, Seals, and such like, may obtain some vertue from the Celestial bodies

3:43:40 – 036 Chap. xxxvi. Of the Images of the Zodiack, what vertues they being ingraven, receive from the stars

3:55:05 – 037 Chap. xxxvii. Of the Images of the Faces, and of those Images which are without the Zodiack

3:58:09 – 038 Chap. xxxviii. Of the Images of Saturn

3:59:28 – 039 Chap. xxxix. Of the Images of Jupiter

4:00:34 – 040 Chap. xl. Of the Images of Mars

4:02:05 – 041 Chap. xli. Of the Images of the Sun

4:03:25 – 042 Chap. xlii. Of the Images of Venus.

4:04:20 – 043 Chap. xliii. Of the Images of Mercury

4:05:23 – 044 Chap. xliv. Of the Images of the Moon.

4:07:11 – 045 Chap. xlv. Of the Images of the head and Tayle of the Dragon of the Moon

4:14:19 – 046 Chap. xlvi. Of the Images of the Mansions of the Moon

4:18:16 – 047 Chap. xlvii. Of the Images of the fixed Behenian Stars

4:20:28 – 048 Chap. xlviii. Of Geomanticall Figures, which are the middle betwixt Images and Characters

4:23:10 – 049 Chap. xlix. Of Images, the figure whereof is not after the likeness of any Celestiall figure, but after the likness of that which the mind of the worker desires

4:25:01 – 050 Chap. l. Of certain Celestial observations and the practise of some Images.

4:28:13 – 051 Chap. li. Of Characters which are made after the rule and imitation of Celestial, and how with the table thereof they are deduced out of Geomantical figures

4:31:24 – 052 Chap. lii. Of Characters which are drawn from things themselves by a certain likeness

4:36:22 – 053 Chap. liii. That no Divination without Astrology is perfect

4:38:35 – 054 Chap. liv. Of Lottery, when, and whence the vertue of Divining is incident to it

4:41:48 – 055 Chap. lv. Of the soul of the World, and of the Celestials, according to the traditions of the Poets, and Philosophers

4:44:38 – 056 Chap. lvi. The same is confirmed by reason

4:50:02 – 057 Chap. lvii. That the soul of the world, and the Celestiall souls are rationall, and partake of Divine understanding.

4:50:02 – 058 Chap. lviii. Of the names of the Celestials, and their rule over thisinferiour world, viz. Man.

4:50:02 – 059 Chap. lix. Of the seven governers of the world, the Planets, and of their various names serving to Magicall speeches
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