Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion by David McGowan

A radical review of the last 100 years intended as a counterpoint to the rampant revisionism of the flurry of books glorifying the ‘American Century.’

By offering a radical review of the last one hundred years of US history, Understanding the F-Word is intended as a counterpoint to the rampant revisionism of the flurry of books glorifying the “American Century”. Beginning with the rather bold and decidedly controversial assertion that the current political system in place in the United States at the dawn of the twenty-first century is fascism, the first part of this book attempts to justify that claim by first defining exactly what fascism is–correcting various widely-held misconceptions–and then analyzing how closely we as a nation conform to that definition. Also included is a review of some of the hidden history and key events of World War II.

Part II offers a retrospective of the twentieth century American presidential administrations, to demonstrate that the steady and inexorable march towards overt fascism was a defining characteristic that remained unchanged. The final section looks at the still very much alive eugenics movement, and analyzes the role played by the psychiatric establishment in validating the fascist state. Understanding the F-Word will surely find no shortage of detractors, but if read with an open mind, it just may change the way you view the world.

Chapter Timestamps

00:00 – Chapter 1

10:44 -Chapter 2

30:29 -Chapter 3

47:43 -Chapter 4

1:03:07 -Chapter 5

1:19:04 -Chapter 6

1:34:27 -Chapter 7

2:14:03 -Chapter 8

2:24:09 -Chapter 9

2:36:55 -Chapter 10

2:47:34 -Chapter 11

2:53:33 -Chapter 12

3:03:31 -Chapter 13

3:14:14 -Chapter 14

3:18:42 -Chapter 15

3:26:49 -Chapter 16

3:49:41 -Chapter 17

4:06:52 -Chapter 18

4:22:26 -Chapter 19

4:35:52 -Chapter 20

4:44:43 -Chapter 21

4:56:35 -Chapter 22

5:03:12 -Chapter 23

5:08:25 -Chapter 24

5:17:01 -Chapter 25

5:23:56 -Chapter 26

5:32:29 -Chapter 27

5:53:13 -Chapter 28

6:23:38 -Chapter 29

6:58:16 -Chapter 30

7:15:04 – Afterword

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