IN THEIR OWN WORDS – Testimony from the Students of Canada’s Indigenous Residential School Program. Darren Grimes

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS – Testimony from the Students of Canada’s Indigenous Residential School Program. You can find a free ebook of this book and Darren’s other two books at the link below.

What is the cost of an education? Is education an additive process, or a reductive one? How does one weigh the benefits of tradition against the threat of being at odds with the future? How does one refuse the offer of a better life for their children? What if the offer is compulsory? What happens when the tree of knowledge bares rotten fruit?

While the history of Canada’s Residential School program is only just beginning to be unearthed, there are already enough first hand accounts to begin asking some of these questions. 

The words of the individuals included in this book offer just a glimpse of the results of the effort of one group of people to educate people, who were in many cases not seeking the knowledge being offered. These are tales of lessons learned, languages lost, traditions replaced, and charity corrupted.

A Canadian Shame: The Indian Act and Residential Schools A Canadian Shame is a disturbing collection of information that forces every reader to meditate on the atrocities of government and institutions. Grimes’s heritage and personal experience make him the perfect author for this book, but the superior documentation is what makes it as credible as it is fascinating. CONSOLIDATED ACTS AND AMENDMENTS, 1868-1975 Most of this legislation is no longer available on the Canadian Government websites…The Indian Act is a Canadian act of Parliament that concerns registered Indians, their bands, and the system of Indian reserves. First passed in 1876…

00:00 – Preface and Introduction 04:53 – Chapter 1 – Before the Schools 25:37 – Chapter 2 – Kidnapped by Institutions 37:44 – Chapter 3 – Places of Refuge? 44:42 – Chapter 4 – The Journey 1:02:25 – Chapter 5 – Arriving at School 2:10:36 – Chapter 6 – Day to Day Life in a Residential School 2:58:21 – Chapter 7 – Chores 3:11:03 – Chapter 8 – Religious Indoctrination 3:24:55 – Chapter 9 – Breaking Up Siblings 3:35:27 – Chapter 10 – Student Gender Relations 3:45:42 – Chapter 11 – Contact with Parents 4:08:36 – Chapter 12 – Trauma. Emotional Neglect, and Despair 4:23:58 – Chapter 13 – Truancy, Learning to Lie, or Worse… 4:37:44 – Chapter 14 – Harsh Discipline 5:08:08 – Chapter 15 – Outright Abuse 5:31:57 – Chapter 16 – Student VS Student 5:52:58 – Chapter 17 – Warm Memories 6:02:36 – Chapter 18 – Graduation Days 6:08:32 – To Conclude 6:11:20 – Appendix – A Timeline of Residential Schools
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