What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of its Disciples by Manly P. Hall

What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of its Disciples

This early work by Hall is devoted to the study of the ancient Mystery Schools and the work they have done in the world throughout the various ages. There is also a treatise on the path of discipleship. The listener of this audiobook is equipped to discriminate between the various so-called spiritual organizations and is protected against unfortunate involvement.

True comprehension and temperance of our lower natures all combine to lead us to a better understanding of our existence. In this curious and important essay, Hall describes the shared destinies of all of us; and that is our pursuit of truth and our conscious or unconscious hunger for a meaningful relationship with the divine. He warns and laments about our modern tendencies to material gain and instant gratification in all things worldly. Over time, he suggests, the methods used in attaining material gratification has translated into our spiritual endeavors. One cannot deny the plethora of “expert” advice out there, presenting in many guises, to attain wisdom in “10 easy steps”. Become an all-powerful, influential guru and mammoth success, getting rich in the process. For a substantial fee, ladies and gentleman, we can show you the secrets of the ancients and throw in a no-fail diet to boot. This, of course, is not the road to wisdom. The true road, Hall suggests, is a long and arduous one, fraught with suffering and difficult lessons, where one’s hope lies in one’s sincere labor, courage, true aspiration, and egoless silence.

This short essay is recommended to anyone interested in sound and universal advice in their pursuit of a greater understanding of themselves and existence.

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00:00 – A Warning to Esoterists

22:36 – The Introduction of the Mystery Schools

57:16 – The Mystery Schools