A Canadian Shame by Darren Grimes

A Canadian Shame: The Indian Act and Residential Schools. A Canadian Shame is a disturbing collection of information that forces every listener to meditate on the atrocities of government and institutions. Grimes’ heritage and personal experience make him the perfect author for this book, but the superior documentation is what makes it as credible as it is fascinating.

Although a light is being shined into a very dark corner of our society, one still walks away with a knowledge that truth and love will bring all of humanity together. An uncomfortable story can be a powerful catalyst for unity.

Find out all about the Indian Act, residential schools, Indigenous child welfare, unmarked graves, and more in the comprehensive, extremely well-sourced overview of the last 150 years of Canada and the Indian Act.

Starlight tours, missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the charge of genocide are all explored in an informative and concise way. Filled with quotes, legislation, correspondence, and historical information, this book is a must have for anyone interested in the relationship between Canada and the Indigenous people for the bibliography alone.

From the inception of the Indian Act to residential schools, from the potlach ban to the ’60s scoop, right up to the present day, A Canadian Shame is filled with the highlights of atrocities that every Canadian should know, up until the apologies finally offered over the last decade. f

In A Canadian Shame, Darren Grimes has collected and presented overwhelming evidence which shows beyond doubt that a monster bent on the complete destruction of the Indigenous peoples of Canada (First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and all the other Aboriginal inhabitants of the land) has been devouring not only men and women, but also children of those cultures, that this monster has been doing so for hundreds of years, that this destruction has been deliberate and systematic rather than accidental or unintended.

(00:00 – Foreword)
(18:43 – Preface)
(25:31 – Definitions)
(31:15 – Notable Players)
(38:43 – Timeline of the Indian Act)
(43:48 – Timeline of Residential Schools)
(1:10:46 – Tribunal Timeline)
(1:41:40 – Tuberculosis)
(1:47:16 – Graves)
(1:54:04 – Sixties Scoop)
(2:10:42 – Suicide)
(2:16:58 – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women)
(2:21:53 – Starlight Tours)
(2:27:38 – Highlights from the Indian Act)
(2:40:20 – UN Declaration)
(2:41:30 – The White Paper)
(2:47:47 – The Reed Paper)
(2:53:06 – Truth and Reconciliation)
(2:58:10 – Calls to Action)
(3:45:49 – Empty Apologies?)
(4:11:32 – Conclusion)