Electroculture by Justin Christofleau

Electroculture is a method of applying atmospheric electricity to the fertilization of plant life, and has, during the past few years, developed to such an extent that it is to-day being practised in many of the countries of the world, viz.: France, England, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, etc. Its success has been so marked that there are upwards of a million apparatus in use in these countries and its application _is extending as its benefits become better known. The discoverer of this process is a well-known French scientist. ­Mr. J. Christofleau-who devoted years of research to the develop­ment and application of his process, and the apparatus, which he finally perfected and patented throughout the world, is the result of his efforts. JUSTIK CHRISTOFLEAU, Knight of Merit · of Agriculture. Gold Medallist of Society of Encouragement for National Industries. Member of Society of Scientists and Inventors of France. Foundation Member of National Society of Agriculture. Member of Association of Manufacturers and Inventors of France

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