Code of the Illuminati by Abbe Barruel

In 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a respected German professor of Canon Law, founded a covert revolutionary group – The Illuminati – a secret society dedicated to destroying repressive regimes and shaping a world government in terms of Liberty and Equality. These ideals surfaced with violent emphasis during the French Revolution, which many saw as the work of Illuminati agitators. The Jesuit Abbé Augustin Barruel was one such. In this book, (the third of his four-part monumental work on the French Revolution), he describes – from contemporary sources and accounts – the history, organization and ethos of the Illuminati, and their role in the destruction of the ‘ancien regime’. This is an important work on the Illuminati, and is especially relevant considering the continuing belief that the Order remains among us, still working secretly to achieve their goals.


18:04 – Chapter I. Spartacus-Weishaupt, Founder of the Illuminees.

40:47 – Chapter II. Code of the Illuminees.—General System, and division of the Code.

1:01:01 – Chapter III. First Part of the Code of the Illuminees.—Of the Brother Insinuator, or the Recruiter.

1:37:50 – Chapter IV. Second Part of the Code of the Illuminees—First preparatory Degree, of the Novice and of his Teacher.

2:15:51 – V. Third Part of the Code of the Illuminees—Second preparatory Degree—The Academy of Illuminism, or the Brethren of Minerva.

3:31:27 – Chapter VI. Fourth Part of the Code of Illuminees.—Third preparatory Degree—The Minor Illuminee.

2:50:55 – Chapter VII. Fifth Part of the Code of Illuminees—Fourth preparatory Degree—The Major Illuminee, or the Scotch Novice.

3:13:46 – Chapter VIII. Sixth Part of the Code of the Illuminees. Intermediary Class—The Scotch Knight of Illuminism; or Directing Illuminee.

3:36:47 – Chapter IX. Seventh Part of the Code of the Illuminees.—Class of the Mysteries.—Of the lesser Mysteries; the Epopt or Priest of Illuminism.

4:33:00 – Chapter X. Continuation of the Discourse on the Lesser Mysteries.

5:01:58 – Chapter XI. Eighth Part of the Code of Illuminees—The Regent, or the Prince Illuminee.

5:24:08 – Chapter XII. Ninth Part of the Code of the Illuminees.—Class of Grand Mysteries; the Mage or the Philosopher, and the Man King.

6:36:37 – Chapter XIII. Tenth and Last Part of the Code of the Illuminees.—Government of the Order—General Idea of that Government, and of the Share which the Inferior Classes of Illuminism bear in it.

6:51:57 – Chapter XIV. Of the Government and Political Instructions for the Epopts.

7:26:48 – Chapter XV. Instructions for the Regent or Prince Illuminee, on the Government of the Order.

7:51:27 – Chapter XVI. Continuation of the Instructions on the Government of the Illuminees—Laws for the Local Superiors.

8:16:33 – Chapter XVII. Instructions for the Provincial.

8:28:36 – Chapter XVIII. Of the National Directors, of the Areopagites, and of the General of Illuminism.

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